2020 Trash Fishing is Going Great

Hi, I’m just writing a quick blog post to let you know that our 2020 season is going great! Last year we raised a little bit of money to fund our efforts for this year.

In 2019 we used a budget of $1500 to remove 3,751 lbs. of debris from our waterways. That was a great result considering our initial goal was to remove 1 lb. of trash for every $1 we raise.

In 2020 our budget is about $6,000 and we are already removing trash at a furious rate. We have 8 contests planned plus Charlie’s boat and our boat are now kept in the water at a marina, so we can go trash fishing anytime we want.

If you want to follow along with us, see more frequent updates, photos, and videos, please view our Facebook page. Updating this site requires a lot more effort and gets far fewer visitors than our Facebook page, so our focus is over there. Here is the address: www.Facebook.com/TrashFishing