Mark Submitted A Trash Fishing Video For A National Contest

There is a national contest for school aged children to create and inspirational video. The contest is called Reflections. This year Mark submitted this video to it.

Update:  Mark won a prize!  He finished in the top 3 in the state and won a $75 gift card and we went to a banquet where they played his video.  The most exciting thing to Mark though was at the banquet a bunch of people at our table didn’t eat their cheesecake dessert, so Mark ate about 5 of them.  He still talks about it.

We Raised Over $1,500 To Plan Our 2019 Events

Trash Fishing IndieGogo Campaign

We recently raised some funds so that we can throw some awesome Trash Fishing competitions in 2019. Our goal was very reasonable and we promised to spend the money wisely. We raised just enough to host some trash fishing events and provide people that attend these events with free donuts and free trash grabbing tools. We will also have a bit of money to make shirts for people that come trash fishing multiple times.

It is certainly going to be a lot of fun in 2019.  We hope you will check our Facebook page for an event that you can attend.