Planet Protectors

This page is where we give recognition to our volunteers and leaders. We call it Planet Protectors because that is what they called Mark and Margot when they were written up in our local magazine. Not only did Mark and Margot start our Trash Fishing group, but they are both World Champions at it. Mark was the 2018 World Champion and Margot was 2020 and 2021. To become the Trash Fishing World Champion you have to remove more trash than anyone else in that season, so these two remove a lot of trash.

Here are some of our other participants. They are Planet Protectors as well.

Austin, Gage, Hannah, and Autumn
Kalso, Dan, Shelby, Theresa, Chrlie
Jessica (with Charlie), Mark, and Margot won congressional medals for their work with Trash Fishing and river cleanup!
That’s Mary, Gage, Charlie, and Chase
Captain Adam Morley with Margot and Mark
Scout Troop 1001G (Chloe, Heidi, Kate, Margot, and Katie) with Chase and Tom.
Kevin and JT brought their whole families to help out.
Charlie, Mark, and Mark’s Hair
Chase, Gage, Margot and Margot’s Attitude
This is a picture from our annual fundraiser/chili cookoff. You don’t need to get your hands dirty to help us remove trash. We host our event exactly one week before Thanksgiving. It is a fun way to help fund our efforts.