The Weirdest Things We Have Removed From Our Waterways

This page will contain some of the weirdest things that we pull out of the trash. If you want to see everything we remove, follow us on Facebook. The Trash Fishing FB page gets updated more frequently, but this page can represent the best of the best.

This is us towing a 5,800 pound tire we found!
We didn’t understand what this was until we were right up on it. It is a hot tub! The outside structure is gone and all that was left was hundreds of pounds of fiberglass and foam. What an environmental nightmare!
How did this big boat console get in the water. Didn’t the people immediately know it was missing?
Here is Gage and his new commode.
That’s a metal safe.
That’s an awning, like the kind of thing you would see on the side of an RV.
We caught this giant sea monster. It used to be some kind of floating berm that freighters use to contain chemical spills, but this one escaped and ended up on the shore of the river. It had been beaten by the rocks and parts of it didn’t float any longer. We towed and dragged it home.
Our favorite, our absolute favorite thing to pull out of the water are giant chunks of styrofoam. The ones we grab obviously started as a giant rectangle, but as they break down, creating millions of pieces of microplastics, they get smaller. We love to get them out of our waterways.
Another block. Adios!
Here is a replay of a conversation:
Chase: “I’m going to bring this giant dead fish home, strip off all of the rotten flesh and preserve the skeleton. I have a room of animal skeletons in my house”.
Mark: “You don’t have a girlfriend do you?”
The only interesting thing we ever found magnet fishing wasn’t even magnetic. Charlie snagged a lime scooter and brought it out of a Detroit canal.
At the end of the boating season we like to visit some of the island beaches out in the river. Boaters leave all sorts of stuff behind. On this day we found two separate barbecue grills that were left behind.