Welcome To Trash Fishing

Trash Fishing
Welcome To Trash Fishing

Trash Fishing is like fishing for fish, but we fish for trash. Typically we use fishing boats, but we also host events where the trash fishing can be done from shore or from a canoe, kayak or even pedal boat. Trash Fishing is a lot of fun. Unlike regular fishing, in Trash Fishing you are busy almost constantly. We pull in hundreds of pieces of trash in an afternoon. Also, there is a wider variety. The variety of trash in our waterway is amazing. It’s like a treasure hunt! We are having a great time fishing for trash, so we would like to invite you to join in. You can trash fish anywhere. We trash fish in the Detroit River and its surrounding tributaries. If you can’t join us there, join us on our Facebook Page and post pictures of your trash fishing “catches”.

Who: Anyone can try trash fishing. We hope you will. Mark Nardone and his dad Tom invented it and welcome you to join in.

Where: The Detroit River is our Trash Fishing home, but you are welcome to trash fish anywhere.

Why: Because trash doesn’t belong in our rivers and lakes. Because we are strong enough to do something about it. Because it is fun.

How: Go out and get trash. Remove it from the waterway and throw it away. If you want to join us, you can find a list of our Trash Fishing Events

Does It Cost Anything? No. Trash fishing is free. No fishing license is required.

Any Suggestions?
Trash fishing is fun from a boat. You might want to use a “Grabber” tool or a net to snag the trash. We suggest that you initially put the trash in a trash can with some holes in the bottom so that all of the water will drain out.

Is it fun?
Yup. It is as fun and a little bit easier than regular fishing. It is especially easy for parents and kids because there is no baiting of the hook and usually no waiting for the fish to bite. Also, kids like to make an impact on the world and by trash fishing they can improve the environment.