The biggest piece of trash we have ever pulled

We see all sorts of things out on the Detroit River. If you don’t know where the Detroit River is, it runs between Michigan and Canada and three of the great lakes drain through it on their way to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a big body of water with a fairly fast current in some area. It also has a lot of industry along it and a huge number of freighters and such navigate the river in order to keep our country running.

While out on the river one day we spotted this giant tire bobby up and down in some shallow water. We knew that no one else would get it out of the water, so it had to be us. We spent a couple of days devising a way to use 55 gallon drums full of air and a bunch of tie-down straps to “float” the tire to a boat launch. Then we trailered it to a tire recycling plant. We spent $200 to ensure it was recycled properly. At the plant they weighed our treasure. It weighed 5,800 pounds!